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Welcome to Sanawar Montessori School

Sanawar Montessori Educational Society started its school in the year 1975 and since then the school has been imparting quality education, aiming at the ove rall development of each child

What makes SMS different

  • For a child SMS is a second home. 
  • Only school which has a daily planned sctivity schedule.
  • Focused approach is adopted to identify the dominant strengths & weakness of every individual child. 
  • Considering the strengths and weaknesses of every individual child,his curriculum is customized. 
  • At SMS we strongly believe that every child is "BORN TO WIN" the important thing is how to make best use of his    strengths and make this happen. 
  • Only school which has a daily planned activity schedule.
  • Only school in which beside the conventional report cards you get a monthly report showing that what the child has gained on different aspects.

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The Aims at SMS
  • Create love for books in child.
  • Widen child's horizon by imparting multidimentional thinking.
  • Impart care moral values in child.
  • Make every child confident and courageous.
  • Try to groom every child in such a manner that one day he/she will become an asset for our nation.
  • SMS is a home away from home.


  • We at SMS always take pride to recognize and share achievements of our students and staff.
  • This section shares with your our best students and staff so that you all can applaud them.

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